Our Mission

Equipo Nizkor is an international multidisciplinary team of lawyers, economists, correspondents and contributors that works to:

1. Provide cutting-edge legal casework through direct intervention in landmark cases that cut across the civil liberties spectrum to bring international human rights law into national domestic law practice.

2. Give effective legal counselling to grass roots human rights lawyers and defenders in paradigmatic cases.

3. Create an institutional memory through a central documentary archive and on-line publication of key texts in the fight to prevent crimes against humanity.

4. Provide capacity building for human rights lawyers/
activists in the areas of international criminal law & human
rights law, secure electronic communications, data protection and emerging technology, and direct action techniques.

Our website was one of the first 1,500 to exist worldwide. We manage the biggest online human rights documentation centre in Spanish. More than 100,000 documents are downloaded from our archive every day. Through Radio Nizkor, we manage an audio archive, with over 2 million files distributed every year.

We are independent of any government and need funds to continue our work.

Success stories

Impunity is incompatible with the exercise of human rights and freedoms. It generates corruption and subverts the moral and ethical foundations of civil society.

The justification for our work lies in the human rights violations we document and the human lives that have been preserved or transformed as a result. None of this is possible without your help.

How to help

We have never sought or received state funds. The price of our independence is a daily reliance on donations from like-minded supporters.

We have 12 lawyers working pro bono and a global network of 117 volunteer correspondents and contributors. We need funds to verify and document the large volume of information we receive every day in Spanish and English. We also need funds to publish crucial works on international human rights law; and particularly to identify and take on new cases.

Millions of people rely on our work.
We rely on your support.

Please donate

A one-off donation makes an immediate difference.

A direct debit helps us plan for the future and take on important new cases.

£10 a day allows us to follow up documentation in key legal trials or serious conflicts.

£50 a day allows us to start an impunity case investigation in any country.

£2,500 a month is the estimated cost of case work with indigenous peoples.

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